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Opening September 12th, 2019

Mia Fonssagrives Solow: Robots/Femmebots


Mia Fonssagrives Solow: Contemporary Sculpture

NOVEMBER 3, 2018 - DECEMBER 2, 2018

Mia Fonssagrives Solow: Bright Wild Things

“[Mia Fonssagrives Solow] always uses the lens of art to filter her world. Like a spiritual totem, she uses her own sharp perspective to examine and interpret today’s industrial age.” – Tatler

OCTOBER 16, 2018 - NOVEMBER 24, 2018

Mia Fonssagrives Solow: Bright Wild Things

“[Fonssagrives Solow’s] vibrant exhibition is a delightful and enchanting place.” – The Financial Times

MARCH 8, 2018 - APRIL 30, 2018

Mia Fonssagrives Solow: Bright Wild Things

“[Fonssagrives Solow] grew up with an inherent love for all creative pursuits, and is known, in her artistic career, perhaps most for her life-size sculptures… massive, round, outdoor installation pieces with punctured holes that frame the natural settings before them.” – Vogue

DECEMBER 1, 2016 - DECEMBER 4, 2016

Mia Fonssagrives Solow at Eric Firestone Gallery 

“Eric Firestone is doing some of the best sculptural work we’ve seen in a while with the stellar sculpture by Mia Fonssagrives Solow.” – Eliza Jordan, Whitewall


OCTOBER 14, 2016 - NOVEMBER 12, 2016

“This autumn, Mia Fonssagrives Solow, comes to Paris for an exceptional exhibition at the Galerie Agnès Monplaisir, where a beautiful series of major works can be seen. The artist works with wood and metal to make spectacular sculptures, with multiple influences, all imprinted with a touch of humor.” – Manon Garrigues, Vogue Paris

Through mid-September 2016

From Mythology to Robots


This exhibition will feature a new collection of sculpture constructed using wood and bronze, in which Fonssagrives Solow explores the intersection of mythology and technology. Drawing from her signature aesthetic, these works delve into mythological traditions from around the world, including Greek and Māori deities and legendary figures from The Epic of Gilgamesh. In this exhibition, ancient legends are exhumed and reinvigorated through these pieces. At times playful and futuristic, at others minimal and stirring, this collection invokes ancient stories and powerful traditions.

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